Great Wall Motor (Haval Brand Creator) was founded in 1984, but with the management of the great  man Chinese auto industry, Jack Wey ,began to grow in 1990, so that Haval brand is the No. 1 brand of SUV in China. The official activity of the Haval brand has been launched as an independent brand since 2013.
Various models have been added to the product portfolio of the company over the past few years, but they are topped up by the HAVAL H6 as the top selling car in Chinese brand history. Models H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9 are from Haval products.
It should also be noted that the sales record of products is not specific to the Chinese market and has been active in nearly 40 countries worldwide through its marketing activities and has entered the world's leading markets such as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Ecuador, Russia, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, New Zealand, South Africa.
Why Haval?
Haval is an expert SUV manufacturer, the slogan of the company is to “focus on the SUV vehicle”, so that it can progress every day and every minute, though very insignificantly, continuously. Last year, Haval also sold nearly 1 million units, and was in top 10 SUV’s list in the world. Specialists work on SUVs and spend high-quality and obsessive computing on their cars in order to secure their products in their products. And bring calm to customers besides beauty and quality.
Haval has collaborated with many reputable companies such as BMW Benz and Mitsubishi, and has been co-authored by the famous BMW designer and Pierre leclercq in body design, from the maker of Gerhard Henning Benz gearboxes in gearbox design and power transmission equipment, Mr Alan Cureton in a discussion NVH . As well as Mr. Alexandre Tiberio, who is one of the most trusted safety engineers in safety matter. This well-known automobile maker also works with well-known pieces such as Atoliv, Delphl, Bosch, Borgwarner, TRW, Hella, valeo, ZF.

Mr. Wei Jianjin, the owner of the Great Wall Company who wants to expand his empire (Financial Times), the Chinese billionaire Mr Wey, implements Army discipline and discipline at Great Wall
In 1990, when the company was given to Mr. Wey, an unnamed company with only 60 employees was in the northernmost point of Baoding City, but now ...
Haval has invested heavily in research and development in order to become one of the world's best players, and has set up a region called Haval Technical Center. The organization, divided into 5 sections of the Research and Development Center, Prototype Center, Test Center, Modeling and Data Center, has an area of approximately 260,000 square meters with an investment of nearly $ 1 billion, as well as With 7,000 native and foreign specialists, Boding was founded. In this area, there is a 7.7-mile test road that helps to better test production